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Sorry it took so long, Jack

Some years ago I was writing a book on, of all things, complexity theory and grace, when I came upon these remarks by C.S. Lewis in The Abolition of Man: “We are always conquering Nature, because ‘Nature’ is the name … Continue reading

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The Broken Promise, Part 2: Educating Those Drowning in Now

For several years, I have asked students in my classes to keep personal logs of internet use or assigned them to do surveys of other people’s internet activities. The results often surprise them. They discover that they or others spend … Continue reading

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When those who might, can’t

Passing by my wife’s computer at breakfast I noticed it was already set for the live radar feed for Oklahoma from the National Weather Service.  “Old habits die hard, I guess,” she said without a smile. Before we moved to … Continue reading

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Turning Our Back on Students

The animosity towards teachers – primarily secondary educators but increasingly also higher ed folks – is puzzling. It’s not as if educators are paid millions of dollars in raw salaries and drift away on golden parachutes from the companies they … Continue reading

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